Masters Program

The New York Rowing Masters program is open to experienced former collegiate, high school or club rowers.  The Masters program consists of a 12 month annual membership.  Masters have on the water practices (spring, summer, and fall) and erging/running during the winter.  New York Rowing owns sweep and sculling equipment which is made available to adult rowers on a first come first serve basis. 
The goal of the program is to encourage general fitness and competitive rowing.  Accordingly, each Master can pursue his or her own personal goals for rowing.  We have rowers who consistently compete at regional regattas and others who simply enjoy the diversity of rowing when they have the chance.  The culture amongst the masters is cordial, welcoming, low pressure and cooperative. 
The Masters are a self supervising group. Accordingly, they rotate certain responsibilities such as driving the mandatory safety launch during each practice.  Given the independent nature of the program each potential candidate must undergo an evaluation from a New York Rowing head coach.  Only rowers who are experienced and well versed in rowing/boat safety will be allowed to join the program. 



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