"There is nothing-absolutely nothing-half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." 
Wind in the Willows

Our newly-established Middle School Rowing Program is an extension of the vision we have for our Junior Competitive Program. We provide young athletes from ages 12-14 the opportunity to learn the basics of rowing. While our overarching goal is to prepare the rowers for possible future participation in competitive rowing programs, the top priority of the Middle School Program is to provide an environment where kids can learn the value of mastering new skills, the virtues of teamwork, the fun of rowing and even the thrill of racing.

Why the New York Rowing?

  • The core values taught are: safety; access and inclusiveness; competitiveness; collaboration; environment; and personal growth.
  • Our program is purposefully affordable
  • Family bonds can strengthen if parents participate in NYRA Masters rowing programs or Rowing Support Group
  • We have the only local access to an international standard training course
  • Coaches have collegiate-level or higher rowing experience and the head coach has coached teams/rowers to national medals and international representation

New York Rowing Sponsored Regattas

Overpeck Lake Training and Regatta Center

Row To School Scholarship